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Travel & Hospitality Trends: The digital experience takes flight

Explore interrelated themes in the travel and hospitality sector that emphasize the value of memorable, seamless experiences, influence technology investments, and enable a culture that embraces change.
Embrace the journey

Keep travelers coming back with seamless hospitality services and support

Today’s tech-savvy traveler wants integrated support options, self-service tools, and high-quality experiences at each touchpoint. Teleperformance Travel and Hospitality Division President, Rahul Jolly, shares how our proprietary tools and proven T&H best practices can help our clients take traveler support to the next level.


Despite the many headwinds airlines have had to navigate in recent years, growth and prosperity are on the horizon. With the right business services partner, they can achieve higher employee satisfaction (E-SAT) and customer satisfaction (C-SAT), quickly scale to address seasonal needs, realize operational efficiencies, and improve revenue. Embrace the journey and see why many of the world’s top airlines already trust Teleperformance.

Leverage our deep industry knowledge

At Teleperformance, we understand that airlines are facing high volumes, an elevated cost-to-serve, seasonal spikes, challenges with passenger support, and operational inefficiencies. Learn more about our proven, industry-specific tools and best practices.

Create companywide operational efficiencies

Eliminate counterproductive silos by digitally integrating the front, middle, and back-office functions. Streamline end-to-end business operations and connect the entire customer journey to ensure consistent experiences across all touchpoints.

Hong Kong-based carrier


reduction in agency debit memos (ADM)


decrease in averahe handle time (AHT)

Online travel agency

Efficiently manage the full booking and travel experience with intelligent, end-to-end traveler support services to maximize satisfaction and drive long-term loyalty.

Make client setup, bookings, and trip management simple and intuitive

Deliver world-class sales and bookings support for groups of any size. Keep clients coming back with easy-to-use client tools, integrated support channels, and premium concierge services.

Integrate back-office functions to streamline fulfillment, ticketing, and more

Integrate critical front-and-back-office functions to ensure consistent, high-quality customer engagement across all touchpoints and throughout the trip management process.

Latin American based online travel agency


reduction in agency debit memos (ADM)


decrease in averahe handle time (AHT)


Optimize the guest experience with integrated reservation management and on-site support via the channels they prefer.

Seamless reservations elevate bookings

Streamline reservation management with intuitive self-service tools and integrated support options that increase satisfaction while reducing operating costs.

Keep guests coming back with world-class service

Use integrated, digital-first tools to keep guests close and connected during their stay. Then, help them plan return visits with upsell and cross-sell offers and options.

A US based hotel chain


increase in booking conversions


decrease in averahe handle time (AHT)

Cruise lines

Accelerate recovery by maximizing bookings and upsell conversions, while also maximizing operational efficiencies with an intelligent, digital-first approach including process automation.

Deliver a seamless experience from booking to debarkation

Simplify the reservation management process with simple, self-service options, offer easy-to-add upgrades and excursions, and maintain close contact with travelers while on-board.

Increase upsell conversions

Increase up-sell conversions with predictive modeling and integrated, cross-channel promotions.

A leading US based cruise line


reduction in travel spend


decrease in travel cancellation

Car rentals

Streamline the rental experience through automated tools and a digital-first approach that will create companywide efficiencies.

Empower travelers through intuitive, self-service tools and integrated customer support options

Deliver a frictionless travel experience with easy-to-use booking and support tools, and increase upsell conversions with intelligent offers via each customer’s preferred channels.

Eliminate back-office silos to maximize business-wide efficiencies

By integrating critical front-and-back office functions and applying proven Lean Six Sigma methodologies, companies can drive end-to-end efficiencies through process automation and operational disciplines.

Travel tech

With proprietary tools tailored to meet the unique needs of the travel and hospitality industry, companies can increase customer satisfaction while also streamlining processes and improving operational efficiencies.

Empower travelers to research, plan, and book with confidence

Make self-service a no-brainer. Intelligent tools can help optimize pricing offers, rate loading, inventory management, bookings, loyalty redemptions, ticketing, and more.

Make the travel experience a breeze

Effectively manage trip changes, refunds, and schedule disruptions with integrated and intuitive tools. Detect and prevent fraudulent activities, manage complaints, and monitor social media mentions.

Real client results


in refunds processed for Covid-effected bookings for XX-based airline


reduction in call transfers for a US based loyalty management company

Industry-leading innovation

White Paper: Reimagining Tourism in the Era of the Metaverse

To enter new markets, meet customer-centric expectations, and thrive during turbulent times, tourism brands must reinvent with a true differentiator. The metaverse might very well be the enabling factor.

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