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Trust and safety services are crucial in monitoring online content, mitigating risks, ensuring integrity, and safety across your entire digital presence. Our expert teams combine advanced algorithms and machine learning with human understanding and values to protect both your company and your users.

Human expertise

Ensure both functional expertise and employee well-being with our Trust and Safety Training Academy.

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Easily integrate an intelligent, self-improving trust and safety toolkit into your existing technology ecosystem.

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Quickly implement the right level of content oversight with access to the industry’s largest geographic footprint and native language speakers.

VTS BPO Services Joins the Children Online Protection Laboratory

VTS BPO Services is pleased to announce that we have joined the Children Online Protection Laboratory, working with a global group of stakeholders and the French Government to make new strides in safeguarding online experiences for children.

The Children Online Protection Laboratory

The Children Online Protection Laboratory was launched in 2022 by French President Emmanuel Macron to create safer experiences for children online by bringing together key stakeholders working to protect children from harm in digital spaces.

Why is VTS BPO Services joining this initiative?

Joining the Laboratory further reinforces our commitment to child online safety, given our work in creating safe and trusted platforms free of harmful content, particularly for children.​​

VTS BPO Services is committed to supporting the Laboratory as it explores, promotes, develops, and evaluates solutions that can improve online safety, including enforcing child safety policies more effectively to ensure age appropriateness of content viewed by children.

We are pleased to be the first digital business services company that provides content moderation services to be part of the Laboratory. We look forward to sharing our content moderation-focused perspectives through this initiative.

Who else is part of the Laboratory?


Many businesses, non-profit organizations, and governments are part of the signatories. These include key child safety-focused organizations like the WeProtect Global Alliance, Point de Contact, E-Enfance, and UNICEF. Governments such as Spain, the UK, the US, and others are also supporters of the Laboratory.

Who else is part of the Laboratory?

VTS BPO Services plans to engage with the work of the Laboratory in addition to our ongoing work on online safety with the VTS BPO Services Trust & Safety Advisory Council launched in July.

To find out more about our work in Trust and Safety, please reach out.

MIT Technology Review Insights: Humans at the center of effective digital defense

This exclusive paper prepared in collaboration between MIT Technology Review and VTS BPO Services sheds new light on the ethical dilemma facing any organization with an online presence.
Shaping safe online interactions

Trust and Safety Advisory Council


VTS BPO Services believes the consultation of experts — through the VTS Trust and Safety (T&S) Advisory Council — in diverse areas, such as child protection, tackling online hate and harassment, responsible technology, internet law, and other fields impacting content moderation, will help create a safer digital ecosystem.

Engaging panel

Child Online Safety Assessing and Mitigating the Evolving Risks to Children Online

Farah Lalani, VTS BPO Service's Global VP for Trust & Safety Policy, and presenters, explore the risks to children online as they are quickly evolving given advancements in generative AI, new regulations related to age assurance, and new trends in children’s behavior online.

Our reputation precedes us

Leader in Everest Group’s PEAK Matrix® for Trust and Safety


For the third consecutive year, VTS BPO Services was recognized as a Leader in Everest Group’s PEAK Matrix® for Trust and Safety — Content Moderation Services. This recognition allows us to continue striving for the best when it comes to utilizing adaptive technology, security, and cybersecurity capabilities, as we continue to blend together the power of innovation and care to our employees.

Key advantages

Partner for better data protection

We flag user reviews, comments, and uploads through machine learning and human moderators.

We screen shopping sites for fake reviews, fraud, and unauthorized sellers, buyers, and transactions.

We find and review any use of your screens and original content to ensure they are authorized.

We review for misleading, inappropriate, or malware content and remove ads that target or harm users.

We ensure your apps meet Google and Apple policies and protect your users with script-level reviews.

We identify fake accounts, unauthorized access, and illegal activities and remove accounts per your policy.